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Our Story

"The journey started with me doing polishing of brass street numbers, door hinges and other pieces that were in my fathers workshop or on heritage buildings he was working on. My father worked as a builder for 40 years and did a lot of work specialising in heritage buildings in rural NSW. Growing up there was always the expectation of doing quality work in everything we do. If its worth doing, its worth doing right. My older brothers went on to become great carpenters in their own right, while I worked in technical roles at universities across Australia for close to 10 years. Now living in Melbourne Victoria I kept noticing Brass across Melbourne being tarnished and not maintained. I started offering businesses and home owners across Melbourne to polish the brass on their shop fronts and buildings which most hadn't really thought of but definitely wanted done. So after doing a number places across the city and getting more and more requests it was obvious that the polishing business needed a name. I thought of several names but the name that stuck was RAZOO. Referencing an old Australian expression "Not worth a Brass Razoo" often said by my friend Nicholas Haritos. The name seemed to make sense and so the business was born." 

- Richard Jenkins 

Our Clients

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